OnEnter with input recognising

Is there any way to recognise the input name when the cursor is on it and I press the ENTER key ?

Please, provide us completed demo (including all js/css files) on and we will add a custom changes for you based on your code. … leted_demo

I cannot explain it in a demo:
I try to explain here with the following example:
I’ve a form with three input fields.
The cursor is inside one of these fields.
When I press ENTER, I need to recognise the input name, having the cursor is inside.
Is it possible ?

We are goin to add something like fix for you in your files, that is why we ask for a demo. It can be such simple demo as you have discribed, but we need the files you use.

Here annexed the demo…
In index.html file I’ve commented the part of code where I need input recognising. (641 KB)


thanks for demo. please check code and commned in index.html
I also fixed dhtmlx.js (there was a bug with keyup/down for button) (616 KB)

[solved] Thanks now it works good.

You are welcome!