when dragging or change temiperiod catch up event_object’s and post to database and scheduler.clearAll(); scheduler.load(); event are disappears (if present recurring disappears event that changing not others that repeating or disappears all series) while throws lightbox all working normal.

Using own writer and loader for scheduler.
Now disable drag and using lightbox.

Deleting all events while draggin one, will definitely break scheduler.
If you need just update data you can use load without clear all, in such case it will just update existing data from server side, which must not break normal functionality.

when drag a normal event whit out recurring i think it work normal id of event be identical but when recurring event load from server-side id of event not identical to dragged ??? how to prevent this ???

when dragging id change to id with ‘#’ and when load what happens next

have change some values at serer side, but still has problems.

How to divide event that’s delete and updated in scheduler and event’s on database.

Exp. when updating event date throws lightbox and set early start date, at start event delete fireup and then change event how to change that only update go to my datebase and then reload new data from DB ???

And when do externaldragin event with return value false it call delete event …

(a) When dragging recurring event, there is no actual id for it in DB yet ( as we have only one record in DB for all instances of event ), so it has some quasi-id which is equal to the {pid}#{event_start_time}

Probably I’m missing the point of your question. Maybe you can provide some kind of demo link or sampel with exact steps to repeat to see the problem ?

yes i see it before.

but i want to view event only that’s in DB not created in edited in scheduler instance, how to prevent updating, creating, delete event’s on scheduler instance, for offline work it very good but when creating event in scheduler instance and than load data from DB something not work as expected at my application, i disabled dragging events only edit throws lightbox it works like needed at my application, i observed that on new event (at lightbox) button “Save” a saving new event, but when editing new event it not updated throws Dataprocessor …

i found

[code] scheduler.getLightbox().onclick=function(e){
var src=e?;
if (!src.className) src=src.previousSibling;
if (src && src.className)
case “dhx_save_btn”:
case “dhx_delete_btn”:
alert (‘delete’);
/* var c=scheduler.locale.labels.confirm_deleting;

				scheduler._dhtmlx_confirm(c, scheduler.locale.labels.title_confirm_deleting, function(){
					scheduler._new_event = null; //clear flag, if it was unsaved event

case “dhx_cancel_btn”:
// scheduler.cancel_lightbox();
alert (‘cancel’);

};[/code] it can be overdrived with custom logic?

is this corresponding for save, update and delete events in scheduler instance ?
can i use it ??

If you need to prevent editng for all scheduler, it will be enough to use

scheduler.config.readonly = true;

also check … -only_mode

As for above code snippet - yep, you can use it to alter effect of lightbox buttons

yes i use it for read only event, that can be edited, but using it at all event is unsuitable.

And one more can i change end date on lightbox corresponding to start date ?? changing it when values of start date changes, need to prevent creating long event.

I have 3 or more types of event and they have limited time
1 - 15 minutes
2 - 30 minutes
3 - 1 hours 15 minutes

and one more i have set

scheduler.config.first_hour=7; scheduler.config.last_hour=20; scheduler.config.event_duration = 45;
when dragging event to day it limits on from 7 to 20, but on week and month it start’s from 00.00 and end’s on 7 hours 45 minutes

You can set onEventSave handler, it will be called after edit and creation operations ( if you are using lightbox for event creation ). From it you can access all properties of the event, and based on start date and time you can set any custom end_date