onEventChanged event not firing?


I saw the previous post where someone had a problem with a custom details form not firing the onEventChanged event. I think I have a slightly different problem - I have not overridden the details form (though I have added custom sections), but onEventChanged is never called. I did the following:

scheduler.attachEvent("onEventChanged",function(event_id, event_object){
	scheduler.load("/events/records?ts=" + (new Date()).valueOf());
	return true;

And I never get the alert popup after saving the form. Is there something I’m doing wrong?


Event handler definition is correct, and must fire for update operation ( it will not fire for new event creation, only for edit of already existing events )

By the way, reloading the scheduler from onEventChanged event probably is a bad idea. When event occurs - data only changed on client side, and not saved in DB yet, so reloading of data from such event can’t be reliable.