onEventCollision does not work


After a lot of research I ended up coming to ask you directly.

I would like to use the event collision to define when an event is in collision but whatever I face cannot make the event work. Looks like he never fits in.

I added the dhtmlxscheduler_collision.js js file and set the collision_limit option to 1.
On the other hand, the onEventLoading event with the line return this.scheduler.checkCollision (event); seems to work but not with the code I put in onEventCollision.

Hope you get some ideas.

thank you in advance

EDIT: After analysis I realize that there is no event that works as the documentation says. For the moment the only event that has worked properly is onEventLoading

I found that to get this to work requires:

  collision: true,

scheduler.attachEvent('onEventCollision', () => {
  return true;
}, null);
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