onEventDrag Show tooltip set position

I am trying to display a tooltip when event is dragged that display time.
On event, onEventDrag I added a tooltip, but it is showing on the top left corner, how can I change its position to show it near Event which is being dragged.

Here is my Code:

scheduler.attachEvent(“onEventDrag”,function(id, mode, e){
var event = scheduler.getEvent(id)
var format =“%d-%m-%y %H:%i”);
scheduler.tooltip.config.delta_x = 5;
scheduler.tooltip.config.delta_y = -5;,format(event.start_date) + " - " + format(event.end_date));
return true;


Use the native event object to get the cursor position - “e”, it is the third parameter of the onEventDrag handler.
Set its values of clientX, clientY as delta_x, delta_y accordingly.