onFocus event issue in dhtmlxWindow component

I have a scenario where i have multiple windows. And i need to get the onFocus event of the windows whenever the context window is changed.

But, whenever user clicks inside the content of the window, ie, inside the loaded page, the focused window is not changed.

Please find attached a sample to reproduce. In the sample, i have 3 windows loaded with three websites & focused window being the window#3 (google.com).

If user directly clicks on the content of other window page, eg, if user directly clicks on the yahoo.com search text & types the text, the focus of window is not changed even though user is accessing the contents of the other window & also, the windows onFocus event is not invoked. In the screenshot below, i could type text in yahoo.com as well as bing.com but the focus event was not invoked. I could even browse the pages by clicking on the links without focus change.
WindowOnFocus.zip (97.1 KB)

Could you please provide a solution for this issue?

Thanking You,
Vibhav Agrawal
Note: I am working DhtmlxSuite v2.5 Pro Rel .2 2009.


iframes of windows contains pages from different domains. Browsers security doesn’t allow to set event handlers in this case. Therefore there isn’t an opportunity to set focus a window and we can’t change this behavior.