I am using g2.callEvent(“onGridReconstructed”,[]) to calculate a footer. After that, I update a variable with the calculated footer. Problem is that sometimes I get NaN value, because the footer doesn�t finishing update when I asign the variable the new value.

Can I detect the end of the event onGridReconstructed, and then call my update code?


Actually the onGridReconstructed event called when all changes in grid structure already done ( the only situation when problem is possible - usage of sorting and distributed parsing - in such case onGridReconstructed may be called in moment when not all data rendered yet, but event in such case , if you access row data by ID - it must be fetched correctly )

While calculation different kind of totals , the NaN value can be easily achieved if you have non numerical values in calculated cells.

If you are using built in stat functionality (#stat_total or similar), there is a separate event - onStatReady

I add the code:

g2.attachEvent(“onStatReady”, function(){ 

but nothings happens… It is ok?.., I’m using dhtmlxTreeGrid_pro_v15_80319



The event was implemented only in dhtmlxgrid 1.6
Attached file is filter extension for dhtmlxgrid 1.5 with event in question added. (4.15 KB)