onKeyDown support

Do you think it might be possible to add an “onKeyDown” event handler in the next release?

Suppose I am in a grid and I want to catch Ctrl-f or the tab key and cancel it and then do my own thing

The only way to catch this is with an onKeyDown event.

I have been working with the onTab and onKeyPress and they insufficient. The event has already happened in the browser by the time these are called.

Here’s how to test:

  grid1.attachEvent('onKeyPress', function(code, shift){console.log(arguments);return false;})

Then press ctrl-f. The browser opens it’s search input box. If this were done in onKeyPress you can return false and the browser disregards the key sequence.

You may add any needed event yourself.
For example:
dhtmlxEvent(mygrid.entBox, “keydown”, function(e){ … })