onLimitaionViaolation with onEmptyClick / onClick

Hi all,

I’m having a challenge using onLimitViolation in combination with onEmptyClick and onClick
If I add markTimeSpan and NOT have onEmpty or onClick, everything is ok, not possible to add event.
However if I DO have the onEmpty/onClick events, it just passes and opens whatever is in the onEmpty/onClick events … I’m using onEmpty/onClick to have my .NET app open it’s own window instead of the lightbox (don’t like it, sorry :smiley: )

Anybody a good idea how to solve this ?

Using v.4.2.0 Stardard

same probleme here
any body have a idea ?


Please update the code of the snippet to reproduce the issue, then click on “Share” button and send me updated link. It will help me to understand the problem.