Only the person who schedules events can modify correspondin


We are studying the features of dhtmlxscheduler.

1. We need to customize the calendar as, public users can create schedules in the calendar. Only the person who schedules events can modify corresponding schedules.

We were able to add/remove fields in the schduling screen (event window). We need to restrict the �Save� and �Delete� options in the scheduling screen (by clicking on an event in the calendar), only for person who create the corresponding schedule. General public can view all schedules. To meet the purpose, we need to pass the logged user�s ID into the schdeduling screen (event window).

The logged user�s ID can be keep in a session variable. But we need to pass this ID into the following JavaScript Function _on_dbl_click() (when an event is clicked) in the dhtmlxscheduler.js

2. If an event is added to calendar with no details(ie, description) , the event gets saved with no description value.

how to make a validation to check whether an event is added with description value?

Please let us know how we can meet the requirement.

Since we are not able to understand most of the logic, will u provide any help required to customize the calendar after we purchase the License?



regarding the first question - please, see the example in the scheduler package dhtmlxScheduler/samples/02_customization/shared_events/

To validate details you can try to use the following method:


var id= scheduler._select_id

var details = scheduler.getEvent(id).details;

/your code here… (to disable data sending the event should return false)/

return true;

If an event is added to calendar with no details(ie, description)
Oncoming update ( version 2.1 ) will have onEventSave handler, which will allow to block the light-box form until data is not filled correctly.

If you need such update ASAP - please contact us directly at


edit only own user event  in shared events got worked. thank you

1. But   the user should view the event window (on an event click)  with start_date,end_date, re_type and details all disabled or not editable .For this what all modifications are required in javascript?

2. To vallidate details , the function   dp.attachEvent(“onBeforeDataSending”,function(id)  given is not working . 

 var id= scheduler._select_id is returning null value. what does scheduler._select_id means ?






sorry, there was a mistake in my previous answer. Try to use the following approach to get an id of last edited event:

var id = scheduler._lightbox_id;

return true;