only want the recurring UI


Is there a way to use the recurring feature without display the calendar? given that the recurring feature contains the start and end dates.

Sorry, but it is not clear how you want to use the recurring feature, can you provide some more details ?

Hi Stanislav,

OK…what I wanted to do is this;

normally I would have the actual scheduler (calendar) displayed on a page, then if I want to create a recurring event, I would click on a particular date where the recurring UI would pop up. This UI is where I setup my recurring event.

What I wanted to do is somehow displaying the recurring UI on a page (on page load) without having to display the calendar. Since the recurring UI already from the start and end date fields… kinda pointless for me to use the calendar to initiate the recurring UI pop up.

Hope this make sense?

You can’t have the ui on its own, the only way in which it possible -have the scheduler somewhere, initialized in hidden container, so it will be invisible, but you will be able to use its API, and show lightbox form when necessary.