onRowCreated callback in Distributed Parsing


We are using DhtmlxGrid with distributed parsing :

<table id=“gridbox” name=“gridbox” onbeforeinit=“gridbox.enableDistributedParsing(true,5,50);”

Also the grid is attached with the callback onRowCreated :

currentgrid.attachEvent(“onRowCreated”, function(rowId) {


                var noOfRows = currentgrid.getRowsNum();


                if(rowId==noOfRows) {

                    setTimeout(“showGrid()”, 500);




The question is that I get the alert with rowId only when the no of rows >=7 , that means that onRowCreated callback is not called till row=6 . May I know why is it happening , would change in timeout in enableDistributedParsing would change the behavior of the callback . i.e. can i be sure that the callback would start with rows>=7 when no of rows is 5 in enableDistributedParsing ?


Try to attach “onRowCreated” event before grid init:
<table id=“gridbox” name=“gridbox” onbeforeinit=“doBeforeInit()”