onRowDblClicked not working in IE8


I’m trying to attach onRowDblClicked event to the grid. The same code works in IE7 but it does not recognize the event in IE8.

changeRequestDataTable = createGrid(‘changeRequestsPending’, changeRequestColumnDefs, -1, 0, “_STR_pending”,null,null,true);

changeRequestDataTable.attachEvent("onRowDblClicked ", function(rowId) {
alert(“Row Double Clicked”);
showDetailDialog(changeRequestDataTable, changeRequestColumnDefs, rowId, ‘VIEW’);

Another observation I had was, if I change the event to onRowSelect, it works very well in IE8.

Could you please suggest?

P.S. - I’ve added IE8 compatible meta tag to get DHTMLx working in IE8. Our DHTMLx version is 2.5 Pro.


Unfortunately the issue cannot be reproduced with the current version of dhtmlxgrid.
Please, try to update your dhtmlx version.