onRowSelect Event not working properly

We are upgrading our dhtmlx library from 2.0 to 3.0. While upgrading we found an issue with ‘onRowSelect’.
We attached the event ‘onRowSelect’ while creating the grid as follows

mygrid.attachEvent(‘onRowSelect’, myfunction);

  1. Added only a single row to the grid , initially unselected.
  2. Selected the row for the first time , ‘myfunction’ runs properly.
  3. When reselected the row the function ‘myfunction’ is not called.

It seems as if ‘onRowSelect’ is behaving as ‘onSelectStateChanged’.

Please address this issue.

Lakshaya Agnani

Please see a workaround here:


Thanks for providing the work around but it doesn’t work according to our expectations.

The replaced code selects the row on first tiime. On second time the row gets unselected, and on third time it gets selected. We want the row to remain selected since user would have to double click the row to select it.

Lakshaya Agnani

is there any other solution for this problem?

That issue was fixed.
Please, open ticket at support@dhtmlx.com to get the fix of the problem.