onRowSelect Grid

Hi dhtmlxGrid support team

i have the next question, when i load my grid element and show some data all works fine, i load data with


the problem come when i selected one row, a different color indicates that these row is selected, but when i select another row, the two rows (the one before selected and the new selected row) stay with the color on “shadow” (like if i press ctrl and then selected some rows), what would be the problem here??

thanks in advance for you help

here’s my code

Problem may occur because of after selecting new row old row class doesn’t change to the “unselect”. Try to use standart dhtmlxGrid skin and check if issue will occur.

hi, i used a standar skin “light” and the problem continue, like you said, after selecting new row, old row class didn´t change to the “unselect”, what would be the problem?

i’m using the next version package -> “dhtmlxGrid_pro_v16_80512” in a pro version, thanks in advance for your help!!

Please send us example where we can reproduce this issue. Please send it directly to the support@dhtmlx.com.

hi, i was cheking wthat would be the problem, and it was in my xml generation, i was using the same id for diferent cells, for instance, 10 cells with the same id, the unselected row doesnt work in his 10 cells, but with diferent id works fine.

many thanks for your help!!