onSelect Event

we are using onSelect event in grid like following.

cashTabbar.attachEvent(“onSelect”, function() {
cashArchiveonSelect(“onSelect”, arguments);

return true;

cashArchiveonSelect method has load statement which is actually loading date into grid.

I want to show progress/loading bar while cashArchiveonSelect method is processing or loading.

please advise on this .?

Unfortunately there is no “onSelect” event in dhtmlxgrid.

in your situation you may try to implement something similar to the following exaample:

grid provides two events, for such task - one for xml loading start, second for xml loading end
you can use

grid.attachEvent(“onXLS”, function(){
dhtmlx.message({ text:“loading”, id:“loading”});

grid.attachEvent(“onXLS”, function(){

Instead of dhtmlx.message you can use any other kind of loading sign