onSelectRow and on unselect row

I am using onSelectRow to change 2 cell colors in a row when the row is selected; however, when selection is moved to another row, those 2 cell colors remain. I would like the entire row to return to the default colors.

Is there a way to determine when a row is unselected?

I see the onSelectStateChange event but am not able to get that to work. Do you have an example of the onSelectStateChange event? Or is there another way to know when a row is unselected?

there is no such event in grid that will control that the row is unselected.

onSelectStateChanged event works well. But note that it controls only the row id (not column index) and returns the id of currently selected row.

try to create additional variables to control the row id and column index of previousle selected cell.

Thank you, I’ll give that a try. I appreciate your getting back to me.