onValidationError not working for me?

I’m using a data processor with my grid. I have attached verificators to the different columns. When the data is invalid, the cell is appropriately turning “red” and flagging the cell. The user must correct the error before the data is sent to the server.

So that is all working OK… but if I attach an onValidationError event, it never gets control (at least I am never seeing the alert message?).

I need to know when a given cell is invalid and then when it is valid again (so I can control certain buttons on the GUI)… I thought this event would allow me to detect when any of the validation routines return false.

What am I doing wrong?

						  //any custom code
						  return true;

Problem was confirmed and fixed.
Please try to use attached js file instead of original one
dhtmlxdataprocessor_latest.zip (4.96 KB)

Thank you it works!