onXLE event for dhtmlxCombo?

I have two grouped read-only dhtmlxCombos and depending on the choice of the first one, the second one may be empty. In this case I’d like to disable the second combo. The point when I can check if the number of options is zero, is after xml loading has finished.

Therefore I need an event similar to the onXLE event of the dhtmlxGrid/TreeGrid or dhtmlxTree. As no such event is documented, I suppose there is no such event. Is there a way I can emulate this event somehow? Or is there another way to create such behavior witout an onXLE event?

Thank you.

In current version , the only way to achieve such functionality is code modification.
Please try to use attached js file instead of original one - it is the version of dhtlmxcombo.js , where onXLE event added. ( the same changes will be added to the next version of dhtmlxcombo )

dhtmlxcombo.zip (9.1 KB)