onXLE Event handler


i’m using dhtmlxGrid Professional edition.

grid data loaded dinamicaly using distributed parsing.

i attatched event haldler for onXLE event . it looks work well

but sometimes event hanlder does not fired.

when all rows processed in first portion, onXLE event does not fired

how can i solve this problem?( or am i wrong with this?)

waiting for your advice…thanks.

ps. i am not native english speaker, i know my english is terrible :slight_smile:. but i hope you will understanding about this.

onXLE event fired after all grid was loaded. To detect when first portion of rows was loaded you can use “onRowCreated” event which consist information about row ID.

For example if you want detect when 10th rows will be loaded:


var rowIndex=mygrid.getRowIndex(rowId);

if (rowIndex==10){

alert(“first portion was loaded”);



Be aware attaching “onRowCreated” event could decrease loading perfomance.

Thanks for your advice

But it still has a problem.

I used ‘onXLE’ event handler to detect all rows in grid parsing complete.

So ‘onRowCreated’ event is not the one which i wanted exactly.

Grid will be contain thousands of rows or just few rows.

It called by database query dinamicaly and load data using distributed parsing

no matter how many rows in grid, I want to detect when grid parsing is completed .


"onXLE"event fired simultaneously with ending XML parsing, new items already available in grid. It containg information about grid object and count of rows added. You can use “onXLE” event with any type of loading.

By the way there is no sence using distributed parsing and dinamicaly loading together. These are two alternative loading methods. Using them together doesn’t increase loading perfomance. If your using them together there can be a problem with “onXLE” event.