onXLE not always triggering.

I am using dhtmlxGrid pro v16_80512.

Using onXLE and onXLS should give me what I need but I find that onXLE
does not always get triggered.  I have put events in my code with one
adding to a counter and the other subtracting.  I should be at 0 after
all events are done but uless I scroll through the grid slowly I always
wind up with a value greater than zero.

The button I have to
refresh the grid with updateFromXML() is disabled when onXLS is
triggered and enabled when onXLE is triggered.  Somehow I have more
onXLS’s then onXLE’s.  Do you have a work around for this situation?

onXLE event could not be triggered if dhtmlxGrid receive incorrect xml from the server. Please check if you are using catching “incorrect xml” error in you code.