onXLE not triggering. No XMLError trigger either.

I am using dhtmlxGrid pro v16_80512.

Using onXLE and onXLS should give me what I need but I find that onXLE
does not always get triggered.  I have put events in my code with one
adding to a counter and the other subtracting.  I should be at 0 after
all events are done but uless I scroll through the grid slowly I always
wind up with a value greater than zero.

The button I have to
refresh the grid with updateFromXML() is disabled when onXLS is
triggered and enabled when onXLE is triggered.  Somehow I have more
onXLS’s then onXLE’s.  Do you have a work around for this situation?

I did put this in my OnLoad() section:

                        dhtmlxError.catchError(“ALL”, checkForXMLError);

and this outside of OnLoad():

                function checkForXMLError(type, desc, erData){
                return false;

but no error even came up.

We can’t reprodece this issue locally. Please contact directly support@dhtmlx.com and provide sample where this issue occurs.