onXLS/onXLE not firing on toolbar 4.0


Migrating to 4.0 (from 2.x!!) - events on toolbar for onXLS/onXLE do not appear to be firing, i.e.:

…toolbar setup
TOOLBAR.attachEvent(“onXLS”, function () {
TOOLBAR.attachEvent(“onXLE”, function () {
…(get xml data from server)

TOOLBAR.loadStruct(, function () { alert(“HERE”);});

  • I see ‘HERE’ but I never see ‘HELLO1/2’ - the toolbar does render correctly using the xml provided and no exceptions are thrown - the events do not appear to be getting called?

Any help appreciated.

This is by design. Above events will be called if you are loading data from remote server - in other words for async data loading. If you are loading data from xml string or json structure - events will not be called.

Originally the above events was added to provide hooks for custom data-loading messages. So they have no sense for sync. data loading.

They did fire in the older version of dhtmlx we were using - migrating from 2.x to 4.0 is proving a bit tricky!