Open creation window task in another page

I’m using angular 2+ and jquery. I have a main page that uses a gantt chart. I would like to put a button that opens the window for task’s creation on top of the gantt chart and not in the grid. Is it possible ?
And I have another request more complicated, I would like to be able to create a task in another page that acts in the gantt of the main page. Is there a way to do this connexion ? (same for edit and delete task) I would like to put a button that creates a task in page 1 and that acts in the gantt of the main page, makes appearing the task in the gantt as if it was thre first scenario. I hope I’m clear…

Yes, it is possible, you can create a button to add a new task. And it can be located above the timeline or even outside Gantt. Here is an example:

Regarding the second question, it is possible, too. You just need to redirect to your page in onBeforeLightbox function:

var url = "https://localhost/editTask?" + fields.join("&") ; window.location.href=url
and return false in the function so the lightbox(standard edit form) won’t be displayed. In the following example there is the alert, showing that the code works, you don’t need it on your page: