Open issues

I’ve got several items that I haven’t been able to solve.

I’m using dhtmlxScheduler with CodeIgniter

We’re using dhtmlxScheduler at one of the major court houses in Florida, USA

  1. After I save an event I want to requery the database. That’s because the case number looks up the case name in the main query. I have to refresh the browser to get that information to come in.

  2. My error log is full with this connection error. I’m guessing that resolving this issue might fix some of the other issues I’m having.

ERROR - 2013-11-08 09:38:48 --> Severity: Warning --> Missing argument 1 for DataWrapper::__construct(), called in /home/dgriffis/svn/vrb2/html_vrb2/dhtmlx/connector/base_connector.php on line 474 and defined /home/dgriffis/svn/vrb2/html_vrb2/dhtmlx/connector/db_common.php 489
ERROR - 2013-11-08 09:38:48 --> Severity: Warning --> Missing argument 2 for DataWrapper::__construct(), called in /home/dgriffis/svn/vrb2/html_vrb2/dhtmlx/connector/base_connector.php on line 474 and defined /home/dgriffis/svn/vrb2/html_vrb2/dhtmlx/connector/db_common.php 489
ERROR - 2013-11-08 09:38:48 --> Severity: Notice --> Undefined variable: config /home/dgriffis/svn/vrb2/html_vrb2/dhtmlx/connector/db_common.php 490
ERROR - 2013-11-08 09:38:48 --> Severity: Notice --> Undefined variable: connection /home/dgriffis/svn/vrb2/html_vrb2/dhtmlx/connector/db_common.php 491

470 private function is_field($name,$collection = false){
471 if (!$collection)
472 $collection=$this->text;
474 for ($i=0; $i<sizeof($collection); $i++)
475 if ($collection[$i][“name”] == $name || $collection[$i][“db_name”] == $name) return
476 return -1;
477 }
480 }
482 /*! Base abstraction class, used for data operations
483 Class abstract access to data, it is a base class to all DB wrappers
484 **/
485 abstract class DataWrapper{
486 protected $connection;
487 protected $config;//!< DataConfig instance
489 public function __construct($connection,$config){
490 $this->config=$config;
491 $this->connection=$connection;
492 }

  1. The lightbox was extended and is too big to use on an iPad or small screen. Is there a way to put a scroll bar.

  2. I get random default characters in a couple fields when adding a blank record. I guess I could do something to over-write them but it’s not really fixing the issue.

  3. I used the latest source code from the forum so I can save/print a pdf of the calendar. However, the month display doesn’t show any events when saving/printing.

  4. I created a work week view but as soon as I remove the Week view it doesn’t work. My goal is to replace the Week with my W-week. Also, I’m able to add a button to the right of Day/Week/Month but I can’t replace the W-Week button in the Week position.

I would like to fix these things before I go live. Thanks in advance.


Code like next will update data after each saving operation

dp.attachEvent("onAfterUpdate", function(){ scheduler.load("some.php") });

There is a better solution though, this a bit of code, it possible to fetch the new info from server side in save call which saves data, but it will require server side code tweaking.

Which version of PHP you are using ?
Also, you can grab the latest connector files from here

There is no scrollbar, but you can use different form configuration … onfig.html

Please provide a sample or demo link where issues can be checked.

RE: outstanding issues

I am downloading the latest connector to see if that takes out the warnings from my error log.

Unfortunately, my website is behind a firewall so I can’t provide and example where the monthly calendar doesn’t print the events, but it’s very odd. No-one has complained yet, but I see it as a problem in the future.

The other issues I will put to the side for the moment.

What’s most important is that I get the latest connector now, which I will do.

Thanks so much.


I’m using version 5.4.12 of php

It appears that the database error has to do with CodeIgniter controller. I’m guessing that some file isn’t getting loaded in the correct order. Nothing appears to be broken. I’ll take this to the CI section of the forum and poke around there. Right now I have to work on some of the outstanding features they’ve asked me for.