Open Menu (not context menu) with JavaScript

I want to use a program like hopscotch ( to walk a user through a tour. In order to do this I have to be able to open a DHTMLXMenu (not a context menu) via JavaScript. Is there a way to go under the hood and call the onClick event to simulate a mouse actually clicking it? If so, second question would be how to do this for a child item with JavaScript so I can step down through the menu and have it display as if the mouse was hovering over it.



please try attached demo (you also need to change path to dhtmlx js/css in demo.html)

95.ZIP (30.1 KB)

Brilliant! Thanks!

This works great. Thank you so much. Ideally I would like to show tour steps in a more incremental fashion so I could show the user step by step what items to go to. Something more like this…

…show my tour bubble saying click here…
…show my tour bubble saying click here…
…show my tour bubble saying click here…
…show my tour bubble saying click here…

As opposed to all in one motion like the demo file: mainMenu.openMenu([“file”,“edit”,“help”,“bugReporting”]);

This will definitely work, it would just be a nice enhancement to open each individually if possible.