open sub-row automatically

Dear Support,

I am trying to open a sub-row automatically by using code below;


But I am not able to open sub-row with that API. Could you please provide an example?

Version: 2.6 pro.

Thanks in advanced,

Check if you call this method after rows are loaded:

mygrid.load(url,function(){ mygrid.cells(i,j).open(); })

Hi Olga,

I am calling this method after all rows are loaded but “open” methode does not work!

What is “i” and “j” in your case?
“i” - must be id of the row
“j” - zero-based column index


i = row id
j = col id.

Following code works as expected at local example:


here 1 - id of first row
0 - index of first column, which has “sub_row” type