Open Web Calendar

I created the open-web-calendar based on the dhtmlx scheduler.
If you have an ICAL link/ICS file online, using the open-web-calendar, you can embed the dhtmlx scheduler into your website.

I am sharing this so you can have a look at it. I believe it makes customization easier for many users.
If you like, you are also invited to contribute.
Maybe, you also like to give feedback.

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Hi @niccokunzmann,

Thank you for sharing the app with our shtmlxScheduler. It looks good! Hope that will be helpful for other users.

Here is an issue that might concern you, too: minor translation typo · Issue #59 · niccokunzmann/open-web-calendar · GitHub


Hello @niccokunzmann ,

Thank you for the info about the typo! We will check out the correctness of translation and add it to the future versions.

Kind regards,

I moved the hosting of the calendar over to
Also, I added translations via Weblate.

New translations such as Welsh have been added, see open-web-calendar/translations at master · niccokunzmann/open-web-calendar · GitHub as an overview over the languages.
Then, a language can be downloaded like this:

There are some considerations:

  • I saw the new way of adding languages by adding a locale string. This is not how I do it at the moment until #204 is fixed.
  • The locale string changed for some languages because they are not the ones used by the web browser. I think e.g. Chinese is not cn but zh_Hans - that to keep in mind and as feedback.
  • The open-web-calendar only offers a read-only view for now as caldav is not implemented. Thus not everything is translated - especially not the strings that use the editor functionality.