openAllItemsDynamic only works once

I am loading a tree dynamically and have only the children of the root showing initially.

On a combo box change I am closing and opening the tree to correspond with the value in the combo box.

However, after a branch has been opened once with openAllItemsDynamic and closed it will not open again with that method and I have to work around that by testing for subItems and then calling openItem instead.

Why does openAllItemsDynamically only work once?

Also in a dynamic tree, it doesn’t seem that I can get a list of subItems for a node prior to opening it. If I could do that, I could then test for the existence of a child and then pass the parent and child ids to openItemsDynamic, which it seems will work repeatedly on the same branch.

My main goal here is to keep the top two levels of the tree in sync with the selections in two combo boxes.



The tree supports two commands


The second command is specialized variation of first one, which can work with dynamic loading, and it limited only to dynamical loading mode.
After first call - all data fetched to client, so it not loaded dynamically anymore and now openAllItems must be used instead.
( this is a bit tricky, so in next version we will update code so openAllItemsDynamically will be able to work in normal mode, but for now different commands for first and second call need to be used )

>>I can get a list of subItems
If branch not loaded from server you can’t get any info about it.