Opening details in Agenda view + read only view

Event details page does not open for an event which is in readonly mode when accessed from the Year and Agenda view

The issue wasn’t recreated locally. Please, see the sample dhtmlxScheduler/samples/03_extensions/14_readonly_event.html (please check month view here)

I have the same problem.

Alexandra it seems you did not understand the question. This happens in Agenda and Year view - The example you refer to does not have these enabled. (IE: Month/week/day works.)

Please reconsider this topic.



Hello, Jaidev.

In those modes ‘onClick’ event is fired then you click on event and it is used to display lightbox.
But ‘block_readonly’ function blocks it for readonly events, so it need to be modified following way:

function block_readonly(id){ var mode = scheduler.getState().mode; if(mode == "year" || mode == "agenda") return true; // as we are simply opening lightbox by clicking in that modes (and there are no dnd there) if (!id) return true; return !this.getEvent(id).readonly; }
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I must say that I am impressed by the quality of support response in this forum :smiley: