opening light box in all the three views

I want to open the light box form in all the three views(day,week,month). what am i suppose to do for it.

lightbox can be open in all views. day and week view - on details button click. Month view - on double click.

Moreover it’s possible to show details form on double click in all view:

scheduler.config.details_on_dblclick = true;

Why cant it open the same light box form as it is opening in month view?

Could you please explain the problem in detail ? Lightbox template is the same in all view (if you didn’t put any customization for that).

The content of the lightbox depends only on selected event.

I am trying to open the same lightbox form in all the views(day,week) as it opens in month view.some how the form is opening differently in day and week view.
please find the attached jsp and image files for more clarifications.

calendar.jsp (12.4 KB)

This issue can be solved by scheduler.config.details_on_dblclick = true; approach that was recommended in the previous answer.

I apologize for confusion here and appreciate your sincere efforts . I meant to say that when you tried to create an event in day and week view. the light box form is opening is not the same as in month view.and I did try your code snippet but it could not help me on the issue.


Thanks a lot. following code has done the trick.