Optimus framework 5.1 - 6.0 upgrade guide


I’m a happy user of the optimus framework https://github.com/rkristelijn/dhtmlx-e6 and I’m exited to learn that dhtmlx 6.0.0 is out!

I’ve tried upgrading from 5.1 to 6.0.0 and found that just replacing dhtmlx.[js,css] with suite.min.[js,css] didn’t work. My custom Excells fail and I’m unable to mount a layout.

Didn’t try a clean new install and debugging it, before I do that, just wanted to check the following questions;

  1. Is there an upgrade guide available somewhere?
  2. Will the optimus framework be continued in 6.0.0 (can’t find any docs)

Cheers - Remi

  1. As the dhtmlxSuite 6 product contains a new set of a included components and a completely new APi there is integration guides to upgrade from the dhjtmlxSuite 5 to dhtmlxSuite 6.

  2. Currently Optimus Framework usageis not available for the dhtmlxSuite 6.0, but we’re planning to create in the future releases. Unfortunately I cannot give you any certain terms.


I’ve tried to update using the new cdn https://forum.dhtmlx.com/t/cdn-with-version-6-x-gpl/67937:


…and indeed I get errors.

Thanks for publishing dhx-suite npm package 6.0.1, this will help in looking into the issue, als dhx can now be included as an npm package and no need for cdn.

Next week I will also try to look into it. Will keep you updated inhere. Thanks for the support so far.