Options Connector list length

What method do I use for increasing the default number of items displayed in the list within the datagrid?
Usage below:

<?php require_once("config.php"); $res=mysql_connect($mysql_server,$mysql_user,$mysql_pass); mysql_select_db($mysql_db); require("../codebase/grid_connector.php"); $grid = new GridConnector($res); $grid->enable_log("temp.log",true); $grid->dynamic_loading(100); $filter1 = new OptionsConnector($res); $filter1->render_table("pins","id","PINid(value),PINname(label)"); $grid->set_options("PINLevel",$filter1); $grid->render_table("login","id","org,PINLevel,Admin"); ?>

Above code will take ALL options from the DB
On client side it will be rendered as select area with scroll - height of which is hardcoded in dhtmlxgridcell.js