Options defined in coll_options in xml, how to get this data

I load grid by loadXML, in my xml i set coll_options for some columns,

i need to redefine select filter, which (maybe bug?) has value=text (text)

i dont have problem with redefining but i need to get the values of coll_options, how to do it?

how can i get data from xml which is loaded by loadxml?

i solved it like this:

// we cant use onCollectValues, it will not add value part of options, just text part is used
for (var databaseIndex = 0; databaseIndex < grid.getColumnsNum(); databaseIndex++) {
var $filterElement = $(grid.getFilterElement(databaseIndex));
if ($filterElement.is(‘select’)) {
// i = index before column move! you need to get actual index by columnId
var columnIndex = $.grid.getColumnIndexByDatabaseIndex(grid, databaseIndex);
var combo = grid.getCombo(columnIndex);


					var option = $('<option></option>').attr("value", "").text("?");

					var keys = combo.keys;
					var values = combo.values;
					$.each(keys, function (index, key) {
						var value = values[index];
						var option = $('<option></option>').attr("value", key).text(value);

after data is load from xml, i empty the filterelements with select, get combo of column where the all values and keys are specified and replace the options of filterelement

but you must be carefull, bcs grid.getFilterElement( there must be index before the columns are moved ) and grid.getCombo( there must be index after the columns are moved, actual index of column )

lot of missunderstanding caused by handling indexes :frowning: