Options fetching with Joomla and Mysql

Hi all,
sorry for the most probably very trivial newbie question. I installed the Scheduler under Joomla 1.5 and it just looks perfect but would like to retrieve data from custom tables into a couple of select fields.
I looked to the samples and the doc page (Server side integration) but when it comes to enabling the connector and adding those lines on the files I have on my server I get lost.
I assume I should write somewhere into the dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php. Is that correct? And where should the server side code go?


You right, server side code is located in dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php file.
schedulerInit generates scheduler initialization code
getEventsRec method takes data from database using connector.
getEventRecGrid method is used to load events in grid in scheduler admin panel.

thanks for the tip but I don’t really get it.
Given the fact that my custom fields are generated automatically by customfieldsCreate function, what’s the best way to insert the options:scheduler.serverList("…") for the particular custom field I need? How do I define the exception to hold that line?
Also, I assume from your reply that getEventsRec is the place to add the server side code adapting it to my db tables and fields. Is that correct? Therefore is there anything that should be added to schedulerInit?

customfieldsCreate call occurs when scheduler configuration is updated. Script parses configuration xml and writes in database serialized config useful for php. It’s quite hard to interrupt correctly in custom fields processing.