Oracle mod plsql or custom API

I’m working in an Apache / Oracle environment, it does not look like you have the DataProcessor ported to plsql. Are there plans for future development?

In the mean time I need to know what xml event messages the Scheduler is expecting back from the db/web server.

Using a particular methodolgy, Oracle can accept any number or types of urls, for example after creating an event, Scheduler posts:

editing  true 
1329202597336_!nativeeditor_status  inserted 
1329202597336_end_date  2012-02-14 11:30 
1329202597336_id  1329202597336 
1329202597336_radiobutton_option  undefined 
1329202597336_section_id  50 
1329202597336_start_date  2012-02-14 11:00 
1329202597336_text  New event 
ids  1329202597336 

I can figure out the event needs to get inserted in to an event table, so what is the reply message back to the Scheduler after insert?

Is there any documentation to create a api for the Scheduler?

a) while dataprocessor provides ready solution for client-server communication you can replace it with custom ajax calls attached to scheduler’s events - if it will be more simple for your use-case. You are not limited to dataprocessor, it is just one of possible solutions.

b) dhtmlxconnector supports oracle ( not plsql, but direct table|sql operations )

c) if you wish to use a custom server side you can add next command

dp.setTransactionMode(“POST”, false);

which simplify data encoding a lot

Format of request and response can be checked at … parameters

This works perfectly. I like how the scheduler waits for the db’s reaction before updating the ui. I was hoping it would that.

Suppose when a new event is created, the db needs to adjust the Description (TEXT field) before insert, what’s the proper way to report back to scheduler that the record was inserted and that the Description has changed?

I tried this which is not working:

        <action type="inserted" sid="1234" tid="3" />
        <event id="3"><text><![CDATA[new info]]></text></event>

I think I found the way to have the db send messages back to the UI using dp.defineAction(“updated”,function(sid,response).

My requirement changed, so at this point it’s not necessary.

Thanks for your help, you’ve done a great job with dp and the scheduler.