Oracle update


Could you please tell me why the following code doesn’t work:


$grid->render_sql("SELECT toip_job.DETAIL, toip_job.ACTION_TYPE, toip_job_detail.DATA2,toip_job_detail.DATA3,toip_job_detail.DATA4,toip_job.STATUS_AFAIRE
 FROM toip_job, toip_job_detail where toip_job.STATUS_AVALIDER = '1' and toip_job.DETAIL = toip_job_detail.data1",

When i try to update from the grid the .log returns:

It was ok with mysql database.

Thanks for your help.

The autogenerated queries works fine for render_table, but when you are using render_sql it not possible to build correct SQL update automatically. Code tries its best, but result SQL update will not guaranteed to work.

You can use custom update logic. … ex_updates