Oracle Upper Case issue


I am having an issue with using the scheduler with Oracle. It appears that the .NET connector is returning all Oracle column names in uppercase except for the id,start_date and end_date.

Eg. event_location is returned as EVENT_LOCATION, lng -> LNG, lat-> LAT, text -> TEXT etc.

So when I try to use the default behavior the text data doesnt show, the mapping location doesnt show…etc

If i search and replace the javascript to uppercase expected database attributes it works fine.

Has anyone encountered this issue, is there a better way to get around it?


Solved it by the following

[code]Public Sub connector_PreRender(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal args As dhtmlxConnectors.ItemPrerenderEventArgs(Of dhtmlxConnectors.dhtmlxSchedulerDataItem))
args.DataItem.CustomAttribs.Add(“lng”, args.DataItem.DataFields(“LNG”))
args.DataItem.CustomAttribs.Add(“lat”, args.DataItem.DataFields(“LAT”))
args.DataItem.CustomAttribs.Add(“event_location”, args.DataItem.DataFields(“EVENT_LOCATION”))

End Sub