output xml is printing <data>Operation error</data> when co


In dhtmlxscheduler ,i added a file upload element in the event window using custom detail form.

scheduler.form_blocks[“my_editor”]= {

render:function(sns) {

return "

Upload File    


The contentType is set as this.xmlDoc.setRequestHeader(“Content-type”,“multipart/form-data”); in dhtmlxscheduler.js

In the parse_request() method of BaseConnector class request.getParameter(“ids”) is giving null value.

The output xml is printing Operation error. The value from the event is not getting in the server side.

Can u plz explain where is the problem?

How to save an event with a file upload element?

How can i get the all formfield values and file upload object value in the BaseConnector class and save to a location using java code?




there is no way to save files using scheduler built-in methods.

You can try submit a form to save files. But scheduler doesn’t provide any ready solution to process the data at the server-side.