Overlap event or Sub event or nested event


Hi, I would like to check if its possible to subdivide an event or rather overlap a 2nd event on top of my 1st event in timeline view? Because right now if I try to put 2 events with same date together, it just move to the next row.

something like (event2 within event1)

|event 1 |event 2| event 1|



Hello @Ian_Pee ,

If you mean something, like follows:

It can be implemented through config combination, with below’s steps:

1.) set the resize_events config to false (to forbid scheduler to automatically calculate height of events)
2.) set the event_dy config to 0(or smth. close to 0), to make event’s cards not push each other to bottom
3.) Add some class to the event’s card and set height through it, here is a code fragment:

// CSS
.decreased { height: 30px !important; }

// JS
scheduler.templates.event_class = function(start,end,ev){ 
return "decreased"; 

Here is a demo:

Kind regards,