overlapping events freeze windows...


If you check our calendar here:

you’ll notice that when they are two events the same day, and that you click on on of them… You have the two event windows that open and they freeze…

Any clue on how to fix this?

Many thanks


Problem confirmed , we will fix it in the next version.
For now, you can disable “single click edit” option in the admin part of scheduler, to resolve the issue.

Thank you Stan… I don’t see the option you mention… I have something that says: Event creation onClick… And it wasn’t checked… So the bug cannot be overridden. When do you expect to release the next version?

Please also have a look at the timeline view I just checked in the option… The display of event is truncated. Is it normal?


Thank you…

Length of events in timeline view is proportional to the time which they are occupy. So short timed event will be rendered as short bars in the timeline view.

Thank you…

And how about the other questions… When do you plan to release a fix? Meanwhile can I do something ?

Many thanks…

Updated version will be released in the February