Overnight event

Hi… I’m using your excelente product, but I need help regarding overnight events. I looked in previous discussions and I found one of 2009 where someone said that during a 2012 release the problem would be resolved.

Example: Event starting at 11PM and finishing the next day at 6AM.

Is there a way so that this can be shown on the Day and Week views?? Thank you!!

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currently the only way to show multiday events(events which start on one day and ends on another) is to display them in top section of the calendar, as it done in following demo
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxS … asic.shtml

Sorry, my mistake
there is an extension that allows displaying of multiday events.
Please check the following example:

I have the 3.7 version standard, it should work right?? I looked at the sample that you sent to me and that’s exactly what I need, but it’s not working… Where can I configure the “Multi_day” option to always be “on”?? I can’t seem to see overnight events on “Day” and “Week” views, although no problem on the “Timeline” view.

Thank you for the quick answer!!!

It can be enabled with one of the following configs://display events with duration less than 24h scheduler.config.multi_day = true; scheduler.config.all_timed = "short";or//display all multiday events scheduler.config.multi_day = true; scheduler.config.all_timed = true;

Once again thank you!!

We are getting there… I tried combinations with Multiday = TRUE and Alltimed = “short” or TRUE, it shows me an event “<24hrs” only at the top as on the image attached.

Still need your help… Thank you!!

check this example
26_multi_day_visible_allvisible.zip (936 Bytes)

Problem resolved!! Thank you!!