Override behavior of click on month days

Is it possible to override the behavior of the links when using the Month Days as Links extension?

What I’m trying to accomplish is to present a calendar to my users where they can click the month day to set a value in a form. So far, this is like the basic calendar form object. But I need to be able to display in the calendar what other jobs we have scheduled to ship out on each day so we don’t overload our work schedule. I figure the Scheduler is the means for displaying that information. What I’m trying to work out is the best way to be able to use the Scheduler to set a selected date back into my form.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I think I may have discovered a way to do it using the onBeforeViewChange event. I can get the new date from its parameters, set that as the value in my form, and then return false for the event to avoid any extra unwanted behaviors.

Next step is working on showing/hiding the Scheduler in a pop-up window, which I already have ideas about.

note that the scheduler does not have a public destructor. So you’ll probably want to initialize scheduler in a popup when it’s shown for the first time. When user closes the popup - you hide it instead of destroying it, and reuse the popup when its needed (in opposite to constantly destroy-create popup with a scheduler, which may lead to memory leaks)