Overriding buttons and customizing "onClick"

Hello everybody,

I am new to React and also very new to DHTMLX Components.
I am developing this app that needs a gantt chart to display tasks, so I decided to test dhtmlxGantt.

So far I have implemented the basic that is taught in this link:
dhtmlx.com/blog/create-react-ga … tmlxgantt/

My application has a unique design, and I figured the Gantt Component already comes with a button to add new tasks.
This button displays a modal, but its buttons are different from the ones I use (the delete button is orange and has a trash icon).
Therefore, my question is, am I able to override the function of the click that opens the modal, and develop a new modal? Perhaps just customize it. Would I be able to do the same when I click on the name of the task to edit it? If this is not possible, am I able to hide these buttons, so I can create a different way to insert new tasks and preserve the design.

Another question, I have set the ganttContainer to use
width: ‘100%’, height: ‘100%’
However, the screen displays something like 5% of the height of the container. I had to change “100%” to a number like “600”, without %.
Has anybody faced something like this?


You need to add new column with trash icon
docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/desktop__ … lumns.html

and redefine _init_grid function to add the functionality of deleting an event by clicking on this new column.
github.com/DHTMLX/gantt/blob/ma … tt.js#L983

As for height and width, have you set any other styles for container with Gantt #gantt_here?