Own PDF-Export service generates empty file

Hi there,

the JavaScript file api.js is successfully delivered by our own export service (latest Docker image dhtmlx/scheduler-gantt-export).
Calling by default your export service at export.dhtmlx.com/gantt returns the expected PDF-file.
But our own export service returns an white PDF-file without anything.
The Gantt-data and -links are sent as JSON.

How should our service be configured?
What about requirements?

Host: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP3
Docker version: 17.09.1-ce, build f4ffd2511ce9

Best regards,
KTeam from Düsseldorf, Germany

It is not easy to say what might be wrong. Please, contact our support team to investigate your case.
Please try to reproduce the issue and check docker logs:
docs.docker.com/engine/referenc … line/logs/
Logs might show where is the problem, but it doesn’t help you please attach logs when you contact the support team.

Thank you for your quick reply. We will contact the support with our docker logs.

Hello ramil,

our Ticket is pending at your support Team since 28th of may 2018. Can you have a look if it is still in queue?
We still haven’t found a solution for our problem.

Best regards,
KTeam from Düsseldorf, Germany

During April and May we were moving from the old support system to the new one. And we sent emails about that to create tickets in the new support system. Unfortunately, we haven’t tracked tickets in the old support system, sorry that we missed your ticket there. But we found your ticket and will answer you ASAP in the new support system. I will send you the answer using the email from your profile on the forum.

@KTeam , I replied you in the support system. Please check the SPAM folder if you don’t see the email.

@ramil Thank you for your quick reply. The export is now working with the new docker image.

Best regards,