<p> tag appearing around code with [scheduler_plugin]

I’ve run into an interesting issue. I have all my code running properly on my test site and went move it over to the production site and the calendar is not displaying the grid or functioning at all.

In looking at the code the only difference is that the page went built (that is [[scheduler_plugin]]) the script files and style files are getting P tags around them, which I think is creating my problem.
I am not sure if this is why the calendar is not displaying but it is the only variance I can find. Everything is exactly the same so I am not sure why it is embedding the P tags around the scripts and styles.

Has anyone run into this issue?


Are you using any special plugins?
You can try to deactivate plugins one by one and check if scheduler works.

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I deactivated the plug-in, removed the files and started over. All is good now. Must have been a glitch some where.