Page headers and footers

I have been trying out the grid to pdf and note that the grid headers are repeated at the top of each page.

However is there any way of including Page Headers and Footers within the generated PDF?

Also is there any way of putting 2 grids in the same PDF document?



If you mean dynamic content usage in page header there is no way to do this.
But if you want insert compony logo, phone, another contact information, you could use image-header and image-footer. To do this one open file gridPdfGenerator.php and use options:

private $header = './header.png';
private $pageHeader = false;

Option ‘header’ sets path to image to use as header.
Option ‘pageHeader’ show if this header image will be shown on every page (true) or just on a first page (false).
The same rules are correct for $footer and $pageFooter options.

Is possible to do the same thing for export to Excel?


In gridExcelWrapper.php you can uncomment the next line

// public $headerFileName = ‘header.xls’;

and specify the name of excel file, which content will be used as header for result export.