Page number issue


I’m using a dhtmlxgrid with pagination.

On first display the grid is loaded with 10 pages of data.

When the user reaches page 10, the grid is fed with more data:

- Data to complete the current page

- Data for ten more pages.

When this happen, data displayed in the grid are correct (the page 10 is filled correctly).

Data for the next 10 pages are loaded correctly too.

But : the current page number displayed get desynchronized. when i reach page 10, it goes back to ‘1’.

For information when i click next the page number becomes ok again.

Here’s the sequence flow :

1) Load 10 pages

2) I click on page ten current page display reads “Page 10”

3) Content of page ten is loaded, 10 more pages are added, the current page display reads “Page 1”

4) I click on next page button

5) Content of page 11 is displayed the current page display reads “Page 11”

This behavior happens every time i reach the last page.

Is there a way that i can fix the page number issue ?



Which version of grid are you using? The similar problem was confirmed in dhtmlxgrid 1.4 and fixed in latest version.
( please contact us directly at if you need latest code )