Page vertical scroll disappear after scheduler is displayed


The vertical page scroll dissapear after the scheduler is first displayed and never reappear if I move to another page. So the content of the pages is not visible entirelly!

I’m not a javascript expert, the solution I’m working at is written in Servoy, which generates html/javascript pages so it might be a conflict inbetween.

But anyway, I need help with this, so any sugestion that might help me is highly appreciated!

Thanks a lot,

Hello, Bogdan.

Can you please open ticket in out support system with a bit more information and link to the sample page.

Best regards,

Hi Ilya,

In the end I manage to fix it, by removing a css entry. I’ve used the code from the sample 06_week_lines.html and in that file these are two css entries, apart from the css files:

html, body {

.one_line {


I removed these from my code and it worked! Actually, only after I removed the .one_line it worked.

The scheduler do not fill the full page, but is only added in one part of the page on our online solution.

If you think this might be a bug in the scheduler, I can try to provide more information or a testing environment…