pagination in dhtmlxgrid with 50000 records

Sir, i want to implement to load 50,000 records and pagination using dhtmlxgrid ,JSP page. i had taken viewsource from the link loading records with 50000 records . but unable to understand some lines.

can u please explain these line .


mygrid.bD(“50000_load_grid.php?un=”+Date.parse(new Date()));kg(true)};

.bD, .IL unable to get these functions.

Please suggest me a solution. Expecting yours reply.

Please use the same sample in downloadable package, it contains full not compressed code.

>>1. here, .bD means .Searched bD function . but unable to get tht function.
mygrid.loadXML(“50000_load_grid.php?un=”+Date.parse(new Date()));

>>mygrid.lL(true,50,10,“pagingArea”,true,“infoArea”); here .IL etc

>> please explain me how to implement pagination for 500000 records in a grid
In js code you need to add call for enablePaging, this is only requirement.
Details for server side code implementation can be checked here … bs_biggrid